YIPEC is short for “Youth Initiative Project for the Emotionally Challenged”.
It’s basically an institution for minors with mental disorders.

Although YIPEC is home to a variety of youngsters with very diverse psychological disorders, it is most notorious for its high security ward, where youngsters reside whose severe mental disorders make them a danger to themselves and their surroundings.

When people talk about YIPEC it’s usually about this part of the institution, because it speaks to the imagination and because it’s the part of YIPEC that gets the most media attention. Whenever a child or teenager commits a particularly gruesome crime, they are likely to end up in this facility. The supervisor for this ward is the renowned psychiatrist Margareta Swora.

Another reason why the high security facility is most often talked about, is because its security measures are very high, rivaling the security of Finster Penitentiary even. It’s telling that DISS holds the security contracts for YIPEC’s high security facility. Head of YIPEC’s security is Loredana Owens.

One of YIPEC’s most notorious inhabitants is Sylvia Black