World of Darkness: The City of Finster

End of an era

The party delivered Sylvia Black‘s corpse to Loretta Pulcini, which greatly angered Farid Al-Qurashi and Latifa Malawi Bashir, who warned them not to trust Pulcini. Given that the alternatives were destroying the young mage’s avatar, giving her to the technocracy or to the Mansart family, the party thought that giving the corpse to Pulcini was the preferable solution.

Everything came to a dark and bloody climax when Loretta Pulcini lured Philippe Mansart to the Lonely Tree tavern. The others arrived when Pulcini was getting ready to kill Philippe in a dark ritual to consume his avatar. It turned out that Pulcini had manipulating events from the shadows all along to increase the power of Black’s Avatar, so that Pulcini could consume the insane mage’s avatar and power to increase her own power.

In the fight that ensued the party was too late to save Philippe’s life, but they managed to kill Loretta Pulcini before she could complete her ritual. It was then that Nico Miller betrayed them all and completed the ritual for himself, effectively absorbing the avatars of Philippe Mansart and Loretta Pulcini.

Heavily wounded all
Gordon Cooper and David Irvine could do, was flee from the scene.


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