World of Darkness: The City of Finster

The Liberation of Old Saint Francis

Professor Irvine, Gordon Cooper , Philippe Mansart and Emily Cassidy join Jason Lancaster, Bridget Lavellan and Siobhan Lavellan in The Black Rose for the ritual to save Amy Cooper and Cindy Cassidy. Nico Miller will avoid the ritual to prevent a confrontation with Siobhan and Bridget. Outside of the club national guard troops and Lavellan’s personal security eye each other warily.

During the ritual Cooper’s avatar again tries to warn him with music. Two songs are clashing with each other. There’s the creepy carnival music he’s heard before when the dark fae are involved, and there’s a creepy country song.

Then two shots are heard and the national guard is immediately put on alert. The carnival music dies away until only the creepy country music remains. When the ritual ends and Amy and Cindy are saved. They go outside to check what happened. Two people have been killed with cold iron bullets. When Time magic is used to find out what exactly happened. They find out that a man wearing a balaclava fired the shots that killed these two. They do notice that the man is probably from Arabian descent and conclude that it was likely Farid Al-Qurashi. Why he interfered isn’t clear.

To thank them for saving her sister Emily warns the party that the Technocracy means business. Colonel “Ironheart” Dreyfus, who has been recalled from early retirement, is one of their agents and he will likely do everything that’s necessary to restore order. This seems to confirm a message Cooper got from an anonymous friend.

Miller also received a message. Latifa Malawi Bashir warned them about a growing darkness in the city, which seems to confirm the worries of Bridget that whatever is giving the fae more power seems to favor the unseelie and darker fae.

The party decides to contact Bashir and discuss with her what should be done. They decide to retake The old Saint-Francis and ask for the help of Farid Al-Qurashi and the Mansart vampires as well. The Mansarts send Hélène along with two other “operatives”, Edwin and Lawrence. When Phillippe tells Jason about their plans, Odd Fish also joins in to help.

During the attack on the church they face the Shadow Prince and Sylvia Black along with a large group of armed men and women. Sylvia Black uses illusions to draw the attackers into an exhausting dance, while the Shadow Prince attempts to attack from the shadows. But even with this dangerous magic and the help of superior numbers, the unseelie prince and the insane mage are no match for six mages, three trained vampiric killers, a pack of werewolves and an angry satyr. When it looks like the fight is lost, the Shadow Prince turns against Sylvia Black and slits her throat. He’s heavily wounded and taken out of the fight by a bullet from Edwin Mansart when he tries to escape. Al-Qurashi keeps his gun aimed at the dark fae to allow Cooper to fire the finishing shot. Cooper dedicates the kill to his wife as he tries to turn the bullet in his weapon into cold iron. However his magic turns against him, his gun overheats, forcing him to drop his weapon. At that point Jason decapitates the Shadow Prince with one swift stroke of his sword. The satyr smiles as he walks away to his lover, Phillippe.

After the fight it becomes clear that the armed men and women serving Sylvia Black and the Shadow Prince were actually ordinary people who were caught up in her illusions and being controlled by her. The party realizes that they’ve slaughtered their way through innocent victims of the insane mage.


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