World of Darkness: The City of Finster

Out of the Eyes into the Storm

Hélène Mansart tells Gordon Cooper what she did to save him from dying and that she wants him to be free from her blood again, which means going through the excruciating pains of vampire rehab. Through this it’s revealed that Philippe Mansart’s family works together with vampires.

Nico Miller is in the umbra with two unconscious girls: little Amy Cooper and another girl (who later turns out to be Cindy Cassidy). Surrounded by scraglings, Nico is looking for a way to get to safety with the two girls. He sends out spirit flares, but nobody responds.

Cooper, Mansart and Irvine escape from the ruins of the Immortal Eyes, hounded by Technocracy agents every step of the way. It becomes clear that some The troll bartender helps them escape and tells them he will honor his vow to find Amy.

Things are starting to look really dire for Miller as he has more and more trouble keeping the scraglings at bay. Finally he decides to leave Cindy Cassidy behind and flee through the umbra with Amy in his arms. He’s found by Eunice Doolittle who gets them out of the umbra and who goes off to save Cassidy from the scraglings. Miller is held at DISS.

After their escape Gordon is called to the office of Eunice Doolittle together with Lenny Hurst and Emily Cassidy. Doolittle gives all three of them a stern talking to. Then she sends Lenny away. Cooper is given more warning about his involvement in the destruction of the Immortal Eyes. Cassidy is fired. According to Doolittle she’s a technocracy agent who was undercover in DISS and Doolittle is having none of it. She also banishes the Technocracy from Finster. Whether that edict has any actual weight to it, remains to be seen. Cooper and Miller leave DISS with the still unconscious Amy.

In their research for a way to wake up little Amy they discover that Martin and Stephen Falke. When they go to investigate The old Saint-Francis they are warned off by Isabella who seems to be struggling against some kind of mind-control.

The party considers their options and decide to ask for help from Loretta Pulcini. She tells them that she will try to save little Amy, but that the events as they are unfolding actually benefit the mages an so they shouldn’t interfere.


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