World of Darkness: The City of Finster

Fragmented angels

Insidious whispers and tormented screams

Levana received a message from Farid that he was going after Nico Miller. Not long after she was visited by Nico and three others in her shop. Nico was wearing a Victorian-style coat and tophat. He tried to take control of Levana’s mind, but she managed to fight him off and when she attacked his mind, he and his three companions winced and beat a hasty retreat. At that moment Levana caught a glimpse of the Whisperman in all four of them.

Levana immediately called for backup from the rest of the group and Farid. They came over and found some crude paintings of shards with pictures on them in her shop. This reminded professor Irvine of a dream his avatar had sent him.

It was decided that the hunt for Nico had to be their top priority. They called for a council meeting to be held the next night. All council members showed up except Merveille Mansart. Not long after the council had started, BĂ©atrice Nivelin showed up and begged to be let inside, because something was commanding her to join them and she could not resist the compulsion. As soon as she was inside she just sat in a corner of the church and paid no attention to the discussion about Nico Miller, until Gordon’s avatar sent him one of its musical messages. Nivelin immediately insisted that everyone should leave the church and Gordon wasted no time to evacuate the church. Only minutes after they all had exited the church, the building was destroyed in a massive explosion.

Since nobody knew if another attack would follow, they decided to seek shelter at Siobhan’s mansion. There they discussed what they would do next, but Levana was worried that Nico would return to her home, because she believed he was looking for something there. Jenna went along with her.

When she arrived, she found the front door of her shop open and immediately warned the others. Cooper hurried himself over to help her, while she investigated her house. In the basement she found Nico and several shadowy, humanoid beings that seemed to be under his command. Nico took control of her and Jenna’s mind and started toying with them, forcing them to dance and strip for him. His overconfidence proved to be his undoing, as Gordon arrived and shot Miller, just when Levana unleashed all her anger and hate on the inhuman nephandus and his minions. They were completely obliterated.

But with the mind control gone, Jenna now could not contain her feelings of rage and she frenzied. Levana managed to hide under the staircase, but Gordon confronted Jenna, hoping to calm her down. He was swept aside by a blow of her claws like a mere puppet. When Levana went over to check his vitals, he was dead.

The rest of the council arrived and Conor managed to calm Jenna down. Levana and Jenna were both devastated by what happened. And then Levana’s daughter arrived. Nobody even realized that Levana never had a daughter, but Caspar was furious at Levana, demanding to know what she had done to his sister. When she talked about this with Farid, he also seemed to remember that Caspar had a sister named Pearl, but Levana herself could not remember her.


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