World of Darkness: The City of Finster

Fragmented angels
Insidious whispers and tormented screams

Levana received a message from Farid that he was going after Nico Miller. Not long after she was visited by Nico and three others in her shop. Nico was wearing a Victorian-style coat and tophat. He tried to take control of Levana’s mind, but she managed to fight him off and when she attacked his mind, he and his three companions winced and beat a hasty retreat. At that moment Levana caught a glimpse of the Whisperman in all four of them.

Levana immediately called for backup from the rest of the group and Farid. They came over and found some crude paintings of shards with pictures on them in her shop. This reminded professor Irvine of a dream his avatar had sent him.

It was decided that the hunt for Nico had to be their top priority. They called for a council meeting to be held the next night. All council members showed up except Merveille Mansart. Not long after the council had started, Béatrice Nivelin showed up and begged to be let inside, because something was commanding her to join them and she could not resist the compulsion. As soon as she was inside she just sat in a corner of the church and paid no attention to the discussion about Nico Miller, until Gordon’s avatar sent him one of its musical messages. Nivelin immediately insisted that everyone should leave the church and Gordon wasted no time to evacuate the church. Only minutes after they all had exited the church, the building was destroyed in a massive explosion.

Since nobody knew if another attack would follow, they decided to seek shelter at Siobhan’s mansion. There they discussed what they would do next, but Levana was worried that Nico would return to her home, because she believed he was looking for something there. Jenna went along with her.

When she arrived, she found the front door of her shop open and immediately warned the others. Cooper hurried himself over to help her, while she investigated her house. In the basement she found Nico and several shadowy, humanoid beings that seemed to be under his command. Nico took control of her and Jenna’s mind and started toying with them, forcing them to dance and strip for him. His overconfidence proved to be his undoing, as Gordon arrived and shot Miller, just when Levana unleashed all her anger and hate on the inhuman nephandus and his minions. They were completely obliterated.

But with the mind control gone, Jenna now could not contain her feelings of rage and she frenzied. Levana managed to hide under the staircase, but Gordon confronted Jenna, hoping to calm her down. He was swept aside by a blow of her claws like a mere puppet. When Levana went over to check his vitals, he was dead.

The rest of the council arrived and Conor managed to calm Jenna down. Levana and Jenna were both devastated by what happened. And then Levana’s daughter arrived. Nobody even realized that Levana never had a daughter, but Caspar was furious at Levana, demanding to know what she had done to his sister. When she talked about this with Farid, he also seemed to remember that Caspar had a sister named Pearl, but Levana herself could not remember her.

New beginnings
The Council of Nightwalkers

One year after the disastrous events at The Old Tree, a Chantry council meeting is called. Farid Al-Qurashi introduces Levana El-Hashem, another Euthanatos mage, while the Akashic representative Yifei Fong introduces Conor Mcgregor, another Akashic. For the time being both Farid and Yifei will remain on the council, but they made it clear that Levana and Conor will take their place on the council at some point in the future.

The Changelings, werewolves and vampires feel that they’re underrepresented in the council and want to have veto rights. It’s agreed that they can veto any decision by the council, but that the council can overrule this with a 2/3 majority if one of the council members opposing the veto is also one of the three factions with veto power.

The next issue on the agenda is the Maneater. It turns out that Conor has come to Finster to hunt the Maneater and he insists that the council and its allies should focus on that. The council agrees to assist in the hunt to the best of their abilities.

They also bring up the betrayal of Nico Miller and agree that he also needs to be dealt with.

And a third threat to all members of the council is of course the strong Technocracy presence, led by colonel Ironheart.

After the council Gordon Cooper is reminded that his wife, now a vampire, still needs to be introduced to her primogen, Béatrice Nivelin. As it turns out, Nivelin is at Cooper’s house, waiting to speak with Suzanne. Cooper is furious that this vampire dares to visit him at his home. Apart from arrogantly ignoring Cooper’s warning, she also shows that she can in fact hear the musical messages Cooper gets from his avatar.

Later that day Cooper, professor Irvine, Levana and Conor meet up at Irvine’s place to discuss all that’s going on. During their meeting Cooper gets a message that suggests Molly is in trouble and he races home, while calling the school. It turns out that Molly got in a fight at school and is being sent home because of it. Molly explains that she needed to go home as soon as possible, because she had a message for her dad. He should beware the daughter of the bloodmoon, the granddaughter of the One-Eyed King. Cooper tries to explain that he doesn’t want her to fight, but she says that the guy she beat up, had been bullying Amy and she will always protect Amy. Levana tries to help, but Cooper cuts her off, saying this is his family. Finally he comes to an agreement with Molly that she should avoid fights and if she has a message for Cooper, she should just tell the teacher that she needs to go home. Molly remarks that teachers at school don’t believe her, but he promises that he’ll have a talk with them. Then there’s of course still the issue of protecting Amy, but Cooper says that even there Molly should be careful, because she might get expelled, making life for Amy and the entire Cooper family more difficult.

End of an era

The party delivered Sylvia Black‘s corpse to Loretta Pulcini, which greatly angered Farid Al-Qurashi and Latifa Malawi Bashir, who warned them not to trust Pulcini. Given that the alternatives were destroying the young mage’s avatar, giving her to the technocracy or to the Mansart family, the party thought that giving the corpse to Pulcini was the preferable solution.

Everything came to a dark and bloody climax when Loretta Pulcini lured Philippe Mansart to the Lonely Tree tavern. The others arrived when Pulcini was getting ready to kill Philippe in a dark ritual to consume his avatar. It turned out that Pulcini had manipulating events from the shadows all along to increase the power of Black’s Avatar, so that Pulcini could consume the insane mage’s avatar and power to increase her own power.

In the fight that ensued the party was too late to save Philippe’s life, but they managed to kill Loretta Pulcini before she could complete her ritual. It was then that Nico Miller betrayed them all and completed the ritual for himself, effectively absorbing the avatars of Philippe Mansart and Loretta Pulcini.

Heavily wounded all
Gordon Cooper and David Irvine could do, was flee from the scene.

The Liberation of Old Saint Francis

Professor Irvine, Gordon Cooper , Philippe Mansart and Emily Cassidy join Jason Lancaster, Bridget Lavellan and Siobhan Lavellan in The Black Rose for the ritual to save Amy Cooper and Cindy Cassidy. Nico Miller will avoid the ritual to prevent a confrontation with Siobhan and Bridget. Outside of the club national guard troops and Lavellan’s personal security eye each other warily.

During the ritual Cooper’s avatar again tries to warn him with music. Two songs are clashing with each other. There’s the creepy carnival music he’s heard before when the dark fae are involved, and there’s a creepy country song.

Then two shots are heard and the national guard is immediately put on alert. The carnival music dies away until only the creepy country music remains. When the ritual ends and Amy and Cindy are saved. They go outside to check what happened. Two people have been killed with cold iron bullets. When Time magic is used to find out what exactly happened. They find out that a man wearing a balaclava fired the shots that killed these two. They do notice that the man is probably from Arabian descent and conclude that it was likely Farid Al-Qurashi. Why he interfered isn’t clear.

To thank them for saving her sister Emily warns the party that the Technocracy means business. Colonel “Ironheart” Dreyfus, who has been recalled from early retirement, is one of their agents and he will likely do everything that’s necessary to restore order. This seems to confirm a message Cooper got from an anonymous friend.

Miller also received a message. Latifa Malawi Bashir warned them about a growing darkness in the city, which seems to confirm the worries of Bridget that whatever is giving the fae more power seems to favor the unseelie and darker fae.

The party decides to contact Bashir and discuss with her what should be done. They decide to retake The old Saint-Francis and ask for the help of Farid Al-Qurashi and the Mansart vampires as well. The Mansarts send Hélène along with two other “operatives”, Edwin and Lawrence. When Phillippe tells Jason about their plans, Odd Fish also joins in to help.

During the attack on the church they face the Shadow Prince and Sylvia Black along with a large group of armed men and women. Sylvia Black uses illusions to draw the attackers into an exhausting dance, while the Shadow Prince attempts to attack from the shadows. But even with this dangerous magic and the help of superior numbers, the unseelie prince and the insane mage are no match for six mages, three trained vampiric killers, a pack of werewolves and an angry satyr. When it looks like the fight is lost, the Shadow Prince turns against Sylvia Black and slits her throat. He’s heavily wounded and taken out of the fight by a bullet from Edwin Mansart when he tries to escape. Al-Qurashi keeps his gun aimed at the dark fae to allow Cooper to fire the finishing shot. Cooper dedicates the kill to his wife as he tries to turn the bullet in his weapon into cold iron. However his magic turns against him, his gun overheats, forcing him to drop his weapon. At that point Jason decapitates the Shadow Prince with one swift stroke of his sword. The satyr smiles as he walks away to his lover, Phillippe.

After the fight it becomes clear that the armed men and women serving Sylvia Black and the Shadow Prince were actually ordinary people who were caught up in her illusions and being controlled by her. The party realizes that they’ve slaughtered their way through innocent victims of the insane mage.

Princesses and knights
Amy's Dream and Siobhan's vengeance

On their way home from their meeting with Loretta Pulcini, the party is first stopped by a local resident who’s concerned about the “evil witchcraft and rituals” that are performed at The Old Tree.

Professor Irvine, who went ahead with his own car went straight back home. The rest first stop by Mansart Tower to drop off Philippe. When they arrive there, they’re invited inside by a valet. They’re greeted by Louis-Albert Mansart. He invites Gordon and Philippe for a short conversation while Nico and Malcolm Sultan wait for them. Gordon is invited to join the Mansart “family” in the same way that Phillippe has already joined the family: by partaking in the blood of the family.

The next day Nico tries to look into the mind of Amy, but he cannot resist the pull of her nightmare and even takes the rest of the party and Malcolm along with him. In Amy’s dream they see how she’s being protected by her teddybear, while everything looks like it comes straight out of a Disney movie. The party is then attacked by weird double beings. One part of the being has physical form, while the other part is incorporeal. The party fights these creatures with Malcolm taking out several with his fae magic and his giant sword. David grows some claws and he uses them to great effect to slash through the attackers.

Afterwards Gordon is contacted by Emily Cassidy. She is looking for a way to wake up her sister. But she also has a warning for Gordon. The Technocracy will stop at nothing to stop the chaos in Finster spreading. If necessary they will wipe the city off the map.

Phillippe is contacted by Jason who invites him to the memorial concert for Fionn. Jason promises the party guest list places. He claims he can also help with curing Amy. Phillippe begins to realize that Jason has feelings for him and also discovers his own feelings for Jason. He fears however that his family will disapprove of this relationship. When he talks with Hélène about it, she assures him that the family couldn’t care less who he loves. The only problem might be his own father and if necessary Louis-Albert Mansart will intervene on Phillippe’s behalf.

After hearing about Jason’s offer, Gordon for his part contacts Bridget Lavellan who promises that she will do whatever she can to cure Amy and will include Cindy Cassidy in that deal. She also invites the party to Fionn’s memorial concert and promises them guest list places.

The concert is an emotional whirlwind with Odd Fish together with Siobhan taking the audience on a rollercoaster of “the feels”. It ends with a promise to Fionn’s murderer after which a large group of changelings and werewolves march out of The Black Rose towards DISS, where a horrible battle ensues between the Odd Fish with their werewolf and changeling allies on one side and Eunice Doolittle with her modified elite forces on the other side. The party stays out of the combat and just tries its best to limit the collateral damage.

Eunice and her allies are killed, but not without great casualties to the werewolves and changelings. Amongst the casualties are Skald Johanssen and Lenore Mcallister. After the battle Jason passionately kisses Phillippe. And Jason, Siobhan and Bridget get ready to cure Amy and Cindy.

Out of the Eyes into the Storm

Hélène Mansart tells Gordon Cooper what she did to save him from dying and that she wants him to be free from her blood again, which means going through the excruciating pains of vampire rehab. Through this it’s revealed that Philippe Mansart’s family works together with vampires.

Nico Miller is in the umbra with two unconscious girls: little Amy Cooper and another girl (who later turns out to be Cindy Cassidy). Surrounded by scraglings, Nico is looking for a way to get to safety with the two girls. He sends out spirit flares, but nobody responds.

Cooper, Mansart and Irvine escape from the ruins of the Immortal Eyes, hounded by Technocracy agents every step of the way. It becomes clear that some The troll bartender helps them escape and tells them he will honor his vow to find Amy.

Things are starting to look really dire for Miller as he has more and more trouble keeping the scraglings at bay. Finally he decides to leave Cindy Cassidy behind and flee through the umbra with Amy in his arms. He’s found by Eunice Doolittle who gets them out of the umbra and who goes off to save Cassidy from the scraglings. Miller is held at DISS.

After their escape Gordon is called to the office of Eunice Doolittle together with Lenny Hurst and Emily Cassidy. Doolittle gives all three of them a stern talking to. Then she sends Lenny away. Cooper is given more warning about his involvement in the destruction of the Immortal Eyes. Cassidy is fired. According to Doolittle she’s a technocracy agent who was undercover in DISS and Doolittle is having none of it. She also banishes the Technocracy from Finster. Whether that edict has any actual weight to it, remains to be seen. Cooper and Miller leave DISS with the still unconscious Amy.

In their research for a way to wake up little Amy they discover that Martin and Stephen Falke. When they go to investigate The old Saint-Francis they are warned off by Isabella who seems to be struggling against some kind of mind-control.

The party considers their options and decide to ask for help from Loretta Pulcini. She tells them that she will try to save little Amy, but that the events as they are unfolding actually benefit the mages an so they shouldn’t interfere.

Children songs and Immortal Eyes

While the party tries to find out more about the murder of Fionn O’Connell, they find out some irregularities.
When pushing their investigation, Gordon Cooper’s daughter Amy gets kidnapped. Cooper gets a phone call, warning him to back off.

In the mean time Jason Lancaster warns the rest about the chaos spreading throughout the city and the potentially disastrous consequences. He also warns them that many changelings would actually support this chaos if it would mean that their power would grow. Professor Irvine and Nico Miller realize that something happened to their mentors, Heather Ocoee and Rebecca Baum and that somebody else is using their voice. While investigating this, they find out that whoever is behind the disappearance of Rebecca and Heather, is also Amy’s kidnapper. And they are warned that they’re putting Amy in danger with their investigation.

When they tell Cooper of this, he decides to call in some favors and get ready to save his daughter. Robert Sand, Lenny Hurst and Emily Cassidy promise to help Cooper. It seems Cassidy’s sister also went missing. Philippe Mansart also asks for backup from his family.

With the information they have, they realize that the growing chaos might be caused by Sylvia Black and the fae from the Immortal Eyes and they decide to go there. When they arrive, everything seems weird. The bar is bigger on the inside and there’s a huge party going on. Changelings openly show their seeming to the world. Mortals are caught up in revelry. The party has to draw on all their will to resist joining the festivities and professor Irvine get separated from the rest of the party.

At the bar a huge troll tells Philippe to leave his cold iron behind and swears to Gordon Cooper that he will help find his daughter and keep her from harm. Triple F then is called by the troll and brings the group to the Shadow Prince, who seems to be running the show. Cooper threatens the Shadow Prince with cold iron bullets, but the dark fae doesn’t seem impressed. Cooper shoots and then all hell breaks loose.

Cooper’s and Mansart’s reinforcements attack as the party is attacked by two shadowy assassins. Cooper manages to heavily wound one with cold iron and it flees. The other one wounds Cooper with a poisoned dagger and Cooper’s condition weakens quickly. Nico follows Triple F to the room where Amy and a young woman are asleep.

From the chaos of battle the party hear robotic voices calling for the destruction of all reality deviants. They realize that the Technocracy has arrived at the scene as well. When they hear one of the robotic beings going into self-destruct mode, they dive for cover. Nico draws Amy and the other girl into the umbra. Mansart, Cooper and Irvine are pulled from under the rubble by an agent sent by Mansart’s family. That agent turns out to be a vampire as she feeds Cooper blood to keep him alive.

Murder most foul

The party investigates strange omens and portents.
Philippe Mansart‘s bodyguard is murdered.
Fionn O’Connell is murdered.
Main suspect is Eunice Doolittle as she was seen near the place of the crime with a sniper rifle in her hands.
Party finds out that the murderer was probably aiming for Siobhan Lavellan and is now taunting her.
The werewolves have sworn revenge.

All about Siobhan
Episode 5

The party investigates more about Siobhan. They find out that she’s either one of the kinain (fae-blooded humans) or a changeling on the verge of her chrysalis (what the changelings call their awakening). It also turns out that Siobhan’s sister Bridget is the princess of the changelings in Finster.

It’s clear that everybody likes Siobhan, so there must be some kind of magic at work here, but how it works, that is not clear.

The party is worried about a possible romance between Siobhan and Jason Lancaster, but after some asking around, they go directly to Jason and find out that he is indeed interested in her, but he is also a loyal seelie subject of princess Lavellan and won’t act on his feelings.

When the party finds out about a concert in the Black Rose by Odd Fish, they’re worried that something might go wrong with Siobhan, so they decide to attend as well. Philippe goes accompanied by the beautiful Annabelle.

As they expected something DOES go wrong. Good Boy Jones uses his satyr gifts in an attempt to make Siobhan strip in the middle of the club. Gordon Cooper intervenes just in time to make Siobhan snap out of it, causing her to go through her chrysalis and awakening as a sidhe. Immediately both Siobhan and princess Lavellan turn on Good Boy and while almost the entire club is frozen by sidhe magic, the party witnesses how a couple of troll knights take away the offending satyr.

Afterwards the party is addressed by the sidhe princess who thanks them for their help. Only Phillippe isn’t present, because he left together with Annabelle when shit started hitting the fan.

Saving damsels
Episode 4

The party decided to go save Sylvia Black with the help of the werewolves. They found out that traveling into the umbra is quite dangerous and painful. Nico made a deal with a scary looking spirit and later found out that he might have gotten more than he bargained for. But the mission to free Sylvia succeeded.

It turned out that Nico’s spirit deal had some unforeseen consequences as his very touch now drains the life out of other people. This made him rather unpopular at the Immortal Eyes. When he asked for help from Heather, she sent him to Latifa Malawi Bashir and Farid Al-Qurashi who did a strange ritual on him that seemed to control the problem.

In the mean time a beautiful girl gets attacked at a party on campus. Gordon and Philippe save Siobhan Lavellan from the attack of Grant Marshall. Since this is very out of character for the shy boy, they look into this closer and find out that there’s something strange and magical going on with Siobhan. It’s unclear whether the girl is aware of this herself.


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