Mail from "a friend" to Gordon Cooper

“Cooper, be careful. Your furry and glamourous friends aren’t very subtle and Doolittle was prepared for the march. Her mechanized and electronic defenses would likely have massacred them. I only managed to arrive at DISS just ahead of the march.
Don’t count DISS out yet. Doolittle may be out for the count, but DISS has never been just Doolittle and her father likely built in some contingencies, likely some that she wouldn’t approve of.

I’ve now received word that you’re cooperating with both the Mansart corporation and with Calculator Cassidy. She’s cold. Be careful. I doubt she really gives a rat’s ass about her sister. If the sister somehow really is important to her, then it’s likely part of some Iteration-X scheme.

The new commander of the National Guard is a very dangerous Iteration-X mage and cyborg. Cassidy is his protégé. Stay the hell away from him. Tell everyone that the rebellion in Finster is over. Tell everyone to lay low. We’ve achieved whatever goals we could achieve here. There’s no need for a massacre. Lay low and wait for the ripples to die down. Make sure that whoever is causing the temporal and spatial ripples stops doing so. Thousands will die if they force a confrontation and we cannot win this. Not yet.

Tell Irvine to be wary of Kincaid. I don’t know his exact connection to DISS and the Technocracy, but I’m pretty sure he can’t be trusted. Just the fact that his entire dossier is so spotless and perfect and I can’t find anything of note on him has me worried. He’s important to either DISS or the Technocracy and that means I should find something on him. The fact that there’s nothing, means that he’s VERY important to them.

Red Jack and Red Queen haven’t been seen for a while. If you have time, I suggest you look into that and the disappearances.


A friend (sorry for using this cliché, but I need to be careful)

P.s.: Do you think that if I ever come forward, you could introduce me to Siobhan? Or her sister. Her sister’s a fine one too."

Mail from "a friend" to Gordon Cooper

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