Finster Times

December 23

  • Police discover burglary at warehouse in Finster harbor
    Warehouse believed to belong to Lazarev family
    Blood found throughout warehouse
  • Trump plays his trump card in NATO negotiations
    “No, you!” argumentation doesn’t convince any of the NATO allies
  • Jason Lancaster acquires majority share in Black Rose records
    Financial mismanagement forces the young mayoral candidate to help out
    Black Rose Club remains in the hands of Lavellan for now

December 22

  • Jason Lancaster running for mayor
    In a surprise move mayor Lancaster resigns and calls for early elections
    Jason Lancaster announces his bid for mayor
    Landslide victory for young Lancaster expected
  • Your gm enjoys making fun of the news
    Fourth wall broken near Finster Times offices
  • Nelly the elephant
    Trump Trump Trump
  • Ritual murders at Blue Commons Playground
    Three victims found exsanguinated with knife wounds
    Message in Blood: “Bring me the Eyes or face the Shattered Angel”
  • Saint John the Baptist church vandalized
    Tremendous force used as even the crucifix above the altar was destroyed

Lotsa news

  • Stuff about Trump
    He gone done it again
  • Stuff about puppies and babies
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  • Stuff about wars
  • Stuff about celebrities
    You won’t believe… Actually… You probably will… More clickbait here
  • Crimes and accidents
    We’re so used to all this that we really don’t pay attention to any of it. Look over there! A celebrity stepped in a turd. Way much more interesting

October 23, 2017

  • Trump opens his mouth
    US diplomatic corps in overdrive to convince rest of the world not to nuke the shit out of Washington
  • Blue Commons kidnapper caught
    Therese Bells caught redhanded when she tried to take another victim to abandoned Old Tree restaurant
    Three other victims saved, one dead
    No trail of other victims
    FBI suspects other kidnappers still on the loose
    Lazarev crime family kept inheritance of restaurant hidden from new owner, says anonymous source
  • Siobhan Lavellan to marry Jason Lancaster
    Anonymous source confirms ice queen Lavellan pregnant with Lancaster’s baby

October 22, 2017

  • National Guard withdraws from Finster
    State of emergency lifted
  • Trump
    Trumpin’ the Trump life
    What an ass
  • Gordon Cooper suspected of another kidnapping
    Seventeen-year-old Alexander Bailey disappeared near Blue Commons Playground

October 21, 2017

  • Farid Al-Qurashi commits suicide
    Suspected assassin becomes his own last target
  • Trump
    Yes! Again!
    Can you believe this guy?!
  • Aegis CEO Gordon Cooper suspected of kidnapping
    Levana El-Hashem disappears together with former DISS employee Gordon Cooper, who is wanted by the FBI on suspicion of terrorist activity
  • FBI agent Laroche attacked in hotel room by unknown assailant
  • FBI prevents terrorist attack on Mansart Tower
    Explosives found placed throughout the tower
    FBI suspects same terrorist organisation that destroyed the old Saint-Francis Church

October 14, 2017

  • Sixteen year-old girl disappears in Blue Commons playground.
  • Trump trumpety trump trump trump blablabla
    Trump did blablablabla. Oh no, he din’t
  • Finster University teacher and Former DISS employee suspected of terrorist activity says anonymous FBI source

October 9, 2017

  • Grandson of crimeboss Lazarev attacked in school
    Boy’s nose broken by girl, according to leaked teacher’s testimony
  • Two children missing in Blue Commons playground
  • President Trump gets black eye
    Prime minister of Azerbaidjan attacks president Trump over perceived insult
  • Toys in the Attic prepares for Memorial concert for Fionn O’Connell and Maeve MacManaman
  • Immortal Eyes bar to be re-opened
  • DISS stock drops even further
    New CEO Gregory Marks unable to turn the tide

October 19, 2016

  • Maneater slaughters 58 people
    27 people killed at old Saint Francis Church and 31 killed at Christchurch cemetery
  • Massive deployment of National Guard in Finster
    First deployment of new Special Forces branch of National Guard
  • Rumors about special research on supernatural invaders
    Inside source tells about extensive autopsies on corpses of suspected cryptohominids

October 18, 2016

  • Professional assassin kills three under nose of National Guard
    Another incident near the Black Rose Club

October 17, 2016

  • Memorial concert for Fionn O’Connell ends in violence
    Call for vengeance answered by hundreds
    March on DISS
  • Proof found that Eunice Doolittle was responsible for murder of Fionn O’Connell
  • Police report DISS security sabotaged from the inside prior to vengeance march
  • Witnesses report monsters in the streets during vengeance march
  • Vengeance march was meticulously prepared
    Preparations prevented collateral damage
  • Proof found of illegal super-soldier experimentation and deployment by DISS
    US military under investigation for using augmented mercenaries in Middle East
  • National Guard commander Major Hank Seavers to be replaced by Colonel Carl “Ironheart” Dreyfus
    Dreyfus returns from his honorable discharge after his controversial actions during New-Orleans riots.
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October 14, 2016

  • National Guard deployed to Finster
  • Violence erupts in Finster’s old industrial quarters
  • Several explosions in Finster’s old town
  • Reports of monsters in the streets
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  • Odd Fish announces memorial concert for Fionn O’Connell
    Siobhan Lavellan to join the band on stage
  • Six children go missing at Blue Commons playground
  • New official theme song for US elections
  • Secret lab uncovered
    Scientists accused of unethical genetic engineering and producing illegal drugs
  • Editorial: What’s happening to our city?
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October 11, 2016

  • Mayor attacked with poké-ball
    Mayor Lancaster gets black eye
  • Political switcharoo
    Finster republicans support Hillary Clinton. Democrats support Donald Trump.
  • Bus missing for 2 hours
    Bus driver and passengers claim ride didn’t take longer than normal
  • Confetti-bombs in locked down garage
  • Cosplayers suspected of spiking drinks with hallucinogenic drugs
  • Riots in YIPEC
    Patients escape from heavy security facility
  • Strange illness affecting children
    Doctors wonder what may cause panic attacks in kids
  • Manhunt for maneater
    Did notorious serial killer come to Finster?
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October 6, 2016

  • Oxygen problems cause mass hallucinations and blackouts at Black Rose Club
    Sprinkler system activated by anonymous hero may have saved lives
  • Reports of radios being hacked with carnival music
    Especially schools, nursing homes and hospitals seem to be the target
  • Pokémon Go players save girl who got stuck in sewer grate
  • Donald Trump claims to be God’s gift to America
  • Cosplayers try to break into Mansart building.
  • Three cars stolen while mall parking lot was under lockdown.
  • YIPEC locked down by police for investigation

October 5, 2016

  • Sources in FPD reveal Green Patrick used in smuggling
  • Gunman in mayor murder attempt confirmed rightwing extremist
    Mayor Lancaster’s stance on gay marriage suspected to be motive
  • Pokemon Go glitch causes three trafic jams
  • Foul play suspected in dr. Swora disappearance
    Traces of violence found in office at YIPEC
  • Cosplayers fight in subway
    Mass brawl between furries
  • Car explosion in mall parking confirmed to be accident
  • Donald Trump’s racist attack on president Obama

October 4, 2016

  • Sabotage suspected in sinking of Green Patrick
  • Gun fired at mayor Lancaster
    Gunman killed by police
  • Mansart stocks inexplicably rising
    Economic specialists see no cause for sudden rise
  • YIPEC’s Doctor Swora missing
    Police labels disappearance as suspicious
  • Mall parking lot still locked down
    Customers still can’t get back to their cars
  • Pokemon prank at Finster police station

October 3, 2016

  • Three more patients escaped from Yipec
  • Pokemon Go causes first death in Finster
  • Odd Fish announces concert in the Black Rose
  • Donald Trump minimalizes slavery

October 2, 2016

  • Donald Trump calls Hillary Clinton female Hitler
  • Ship sinks in Finster harbor
  • Attempted kidnapping at Finster University
  • Sylvia Black escapes from YIPEC
  • Cosplayers take over Christchurch Cemetery
  • Car explodes in Finster mall parking lot
    Parking lot closed off by police and fire brigade

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