World of Darkness: The City of Finster

Of mad mages, wild werewolves and other scary stuff
3rd episode

In which the party prepare to meet with Sylvia Black and find out that dr. Swora has supernatural powers and is aware of Sylvia’s powers and their own powers. And werewolves are scary.
The party meets up with Sylvia. She is clearly drugged and not very coherent until Nico links his mind to hers. She gives them cryptic warnings about Eric Doolittle returning. And warns them to leave before something bad happens. In the mean time, Nico while having his mind linked to hers, sees a vision that later on turns out to be the first page of Under the Bloodred Moon.
The party also finds out that an invisible doctor Swora had been spying on them during the conversation.
With more questions than answers, the party decides to talk to the werewolves. They contact the members of Odd Fish, who get them in touch with Lenore Mcallister.
Lenore is one of the leaders of Finsters werewolves and she’s as fearsome and intimidating as you would expect. She tells the party that Sylvia’s mother and sister are werewolves as well. She also decides that Sylvia needs to be rescued and expects the party work together with Odd Fish to accomplish this. She agrees that it might be best to have Heather and Rebecca supervise and guide Sylvia once she’s free, but she threatens with war, should any other mage be involved.
Gordon insists on finding a peaceful way to get Sylvia out and so they decide to talk to Eunice Doolittle. Eunice isn’t very understanding and makes it very clear that she “allows” the mages to live in peace, as long as they don’t bring any “normal people” in danger. She has an agreement with Margareta Swora to keep Sylvia Black safe. Should it become obvious that dr. Swora can’t keep her part of the deal, Eunice will probably kill Sylvia Black to avoid her endangering others again.

Episode 2 of the Finster chronicles

Second episode. Characters get strange messages.
It seems Sylvia Black is crying for help, wherever she is.
The party has done research about the Crystal Messiah.
Story of the Soul-thief and his opponent.
Party has found out that Eunice Doolittle is physically enhanced and possessed by a Weaver spirit.
Gordon Cooper has made an agreement with Emily Cassidy to watch over her younger sister Cindy Cassidy at the university.
In exchange the party can meet Sylvia Black in YIPEC.

The Awakening
Episode 1 of the Finster chronicles

First session of this campaign was mostly about the Awakening of the characters.
This was suitably violent.
Sylvia Black was somehow involved and the party also had their first encounter with the Technocracy’s notorious Men in Black.


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