Sylvia Black

One of YIPEC's most famous residents.


This 17-year-old girl was put in the YIPEC at the age of 13 after she detonated a bomb in her high school, killing 3 teachers and 35 students and wounding nearly a hundred more. It is still unclear how she got her hands on such a powerful explosive device.

She was portrayed in the media as a highly intelligent sociopath and it’s assumed that she created the bomb herself. Because she’s so very young, she was of course never tried for her crimes (although there were many who believed that she should be tried as an adult) and she was instead committed into YIPEC’s high security facility.

Despite the overwhelming evidence against her she maintains until this very day that she is innocent. She is so manipulative that you would actually believe her lies if you didn’t know the horrible facts of her crimes. For that reason she’s still being held in YIPEC’s high security ward 4 years after first being committed there. It is as of yet unclear what will happen to her when she is too old to be held in YIPEC.

The party recently discovered that she’s possibly a mage and that she probably didn’t plant a bomb, but that she had a very explosive awakening.


Sylvia Black

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