Philippe Mansart

smart law-student, rather conservative mind


Son of Henri Mansart. Very recent awakening, has to be trained yet.


Had his awakening during a Waydown party. Martin Falke is his mentor and trainer, also a member of the Order of the Hermes tradition. Although very smart, he’s a hard learning into this, for him completely unknown and weird, world. Still having problems to accept all this at certain moments. Hoping it won’t occur on moments when it really matters.

Further: has not a real love life, although being a president of a local frat club. It’s too… promiscuous to join these dirty activities. Goal is being a very successful lawyer and hopefully more afterwards. Hates left winged hippies with their free love and drugs crap and accepting everybody in this society, even people who have sex with other people of the same gender etc…

Philippe Mansart

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