World of Darkness: The City of Finster

Princesses and knights

Amy's Dream and Siobhan's vengeance

On their way home from their meeting with Loretta Pulcini, the party is first stopped by a local resident who’s concerned about the “evil witchcraft and rituals” that are performed at The Old Tree.

Professor Irvine, who went ahead with his own car went straight back home. The rest first stop by Mansart Tower to drop off Philippe. When they arrive there, they’re invited inside by a valet. They’re greeted by Louis-Albert Mansart. He invites Gordon and Philippe for a short conversation while Nico and Malcolm Sultan wait for them. Gordon is invited to join the Mansart “family” in the same way that Phillippe has already joined the family: by partaking in the blood of the family.

The next day Nico tries to look into the mind of Amy, but he cannot resist the pull of her nightmare and even takes the rest of the party and Malcolm along with him. In Amy’s dream they see how she’s being protected by her teddybear, while everything looks like it comes straight out of a Disney movie. The party is then attacked by weird double beings. One part of the being has physical form, while the other part is incorporeal. The party fights these creatures with Malcolm taking out several with his fae magic and his giant sword. David grows some claws and he uses them to great effect to slash through the attackers.

Afterwards Gordon is contacted by Emily Cassidy. She is looking for a way to wake up her sister. But she also has a warning for Gordon. The Technocracy will stop at nothing to stop the chaos in Finster spreading. If necessary they will wipe the city off the map.

Phillippe is contacted by Jason who invites him to the memorial concert for Fionn. Jason promises the party guest list places. He claims he can also help with curing Amy. Phillippe begins to realize that Jason has feelings for him and also discovers his own feelings for Jason. He fears however that his family will disapprove of this relationship. When he talks with Hélène about it, she assures him that the family couldn’t care less who he loves. The only problem might be his own father and if necessary Louis-Albert Mansart will intervene on Phillippe’s behalf.

After hearing about Jason’s offer, Gordon for his part contacts Bridget Lavellan who promises that she will do whatever she can to cure Amy and will include Cindy Cassidy in that deal. She also invites the party to Fionn’s memorial concert and promises them guest list places.

The concert is an emotional whirlwind with Odd Fish together with Siobhan taking the audience on a rollercoaster of “the feels”. It ends with a promise to Fionn’s murderer after which a large group of changelings and werewolves march out of The Black Rose towards DISS, where a horrible battle ensues between the Odd Fish with their werewolf and changeling allies on one side and Eunice Doolittle with her modified elite forces on the other side. The party stays out of the combat and just tries its best to limit the collateral damage.

Eunice and her allies are killed, but not without great casualties to the werewolves and changelings. Amongst the casualties are Skald Johanssen and Lenore Mcallister. After the battle Jason passionately kisses Phillippe. And Jason, Siobhan and Bridget get ready to cure Amy and Cindy.


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