World of Darkness: The City of Finster

New beginnings

The Council of Nightwalkers

One year after the disastrous events at The Old Tree, a Chantry council meeting is called. Farid Al-Qurashi introduces Levana El-Hashem, another Euthanatos mage, while the Akashic representative Yifei Fong introduces Conor Mcgregor, another Akashic. For the time being both Farid and Yifei will remain on the council, but they made it clear that Levana and Conor will take their place on the council at some point in the future.

The Changelings, werewolves and vampires feel that they’re underrepresented in the council and want to have veto rights. It’s agreed that they can veto any decision by the council, but that the council can overrule this with a 2/3 majority if one of the council members opposing the veto is also one of the three factions with veto power.

The next issue on the agenda is the Maneater. It turns out that Conor has come to Finster to hunt the Maneater and he insists that the council and its allies should focus on that. The council agrees to assist in the hunt to the best of their abilities.

They also bring up the betrayal of Nico Miller and agree that he also needs to be dealt with.

And a third threat to all members of the council is of course the strong Technocracy presence, led by colonel Ironheart.

After the council Gordon Cooper is reminded that his wife, now a vampire, still needs to be introduced to her primogen, BĂ©atrice Nivelin. As it turns out, Nivelin is at Cooper’s house, waiting to speak with Suzanne. Cooper is furious that this vampire dares to visit him at his home. Apart from arrogantly ignoring Cooper’s warning, she also shows that she can in fact hear the musical messages Cooper gets from his avatar.

Later that day Cooper, professor Irvine, Levana and Conor meet up at Irvine’s place to discuss all that’s going on. During their meeting Cooper gets a message that suggests Molly is in trouble and he races home, while calling the school. It turns out that Molly got in a fight at school and is being sent home because of it. Molly explains that she needed to go home as soon as possible, because she had a message for her dad. He should beware the daughter of the bloodmoon, the granddaughter of the One-Eyed King. Cooper tries to explain that he doesn’t want her to fight, but she says that the guy she beat up, had been bullying Amy and she will always protect Amy. Levana tries to help, but Cooper cuts her off, saying this is his family. Finally he comes to an agreement with Molly that she should avoid fights and if she has a message for Cooper, she should just tell the teacher that she needs to go home. Molly remarks that teachers at school don’t believe her, but he promises that he’ll have a talk with them. Then there’s of course still the issue of protecting Amy, but Cooper says that even there Molly should be careful, because she might get expelled, making life for Amy and the entire Cooper family more difficult.


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