World of Darkness: The City of Finster

Children songs and Immortal Eyes

While the party tries to find out more about the murder of Fionn O’Connell, they find out some irregularities.
When pushing their investigation, Gordon Cooper’s daughter Amy gets kidnapped. Cooper gets a phone call, warning him to back off.

In the mean time Jason Lancaster warns the rest about the chaos spreading throughout the city and the potentially disastrous consequences. He also warns them that many changelings would actually support this chaos if it would mean that their power would grow. Professor Irvine and Nico Miller realize that something happened to their mentors, Heather Ocoee and Rebecca Baum and that somebody else is using their voice. While investigating this, they find out that whoever is behind the disappearance of Rebecca and Heather, is also Amy’s kidnapper. And they are warned that they’re putting Amy in danger with their investigation.

When they tell Cooper of this, he decides to call in some favors and get ready to save his daughter. Robert Sand, Lenny Hurst and Emily Cassidy promise to help Cooper. It seems Cassidy’s sister also went missing. Philippe Mansart also asks for backup from his family.

With the information they have, they realize that the growing chaos might be caused by Sylvia Black and the fae from the Immortal Eyes and they decide to go there. When they arrive, everything seems weird. The bar is bigger on the inside and there’s a huge party going on. Changelings openly show their seeming to the world. Mortals are caught up in revelry. The party has to draw on all their will to resist joining the festivities and professor Irvine get separated from the rest of the party.

At the bar a huge troll tells Philippe to leave his cold iron behind and swears to Gordon Cooper that he will help find his daughter and keep her from harm. Triple F then is called by the troll and brings the group to the Shadow Prince, who seems to be running the show. Cooper threatens the Shadow Prince with cold iron bullets, but the dark fae doesn’t seem impressed. Cooper shoots and then all hell breaks loose.

Cooper’s and Mansart’s reinforcements attack as the party is attacked by two shadowy assassins. Cooper manages to heavily wound one with cold iron and it flees. The other one wounds Cooper with a poisoned dagger and Cooper’s condition weakens quickly. Nico follows Triple F to the room where Amy and a young woman are asleep.

From the chaos of battle the party hear robotic voices calling for the destruction of all reality deviants. They realize that the Technocracy has arrived at the scene as well. When they hear one of the robotic beings going into self-destruct mode, they dive for cover. Nico draws Amy and the other girl into the umbra. Mansart, Cooper and Irvine are pulled from under the rubble by an agent sent by Mansart’s family. That agent turns out to be a vampire as she feeds Cooper blood to keep him alive.


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