World of Darkness: The City of Finster

All about Siobhan

Episode 5

The party investigates more about Siobhan. They find out that she’s either one of the kinain (fae-blooded humans) or a changeling on the verge of her chrysalis (what the changelings call their awakening). It also turns out that Siobhan’s sister Bridget is the princess of the changelings in Finster.

It’s clear that everybody likes Siobhan, so there must be some kind of magic at work here, but how it works, that is not clear.

The party is worried about a possible romance between Siobhan and Jason Lancaster, but after some asking around, they go directly to Jason and find out that he is indeed interested in her, but he is also a loyal seelie subject of princess Lavellan and won’t act on his feelings.

When the party finds out about a concert in the Black Rose by Odd Fish, they’re worried that something might go wrong with Siobhan, so they decide to attend as well. Philippe goes accompanied by the beautiful Annabelle.

As they expected something DOES go wrong. Good Boy Jones uses his satyr gifts in an attempt to make Siobhan strip in the middle of the club. Gordon Cooper intervenes just in time to make Siobhan snap out of it, causing her to go through her chrysalis and awakening as a sidhe. Immediately both Siobhan and princess Lavellan turn on Good Boy and while almost the entire club is frozen by sidhe magic, the party witnesses how a couple of troll knights take away the offending satyr.

Afterwards the party is addressed by the sidhe princess who thanks them for their help. Only Phillippe isn’t present, because he left together with Annabelle when shit started hitting the fan.


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